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3 Golf Mental Game Tips For More Accurate Drives


If you are heading out to the course soon, you don’t have a bunch of time to practice and you just need some quick advice, here are three tips on driving the golf ball straight. They may be a little direct and may not even make sense to you, but I just want to tell you what works so that you can actually shoot a lower score and let me know about your success afterwards.


If there is 1 thing that will shave lots of strokes off of most golfers’ scorecards, it is ‘letting go of pride’. Most of us want a pretty swing, the longest drives, and the most backspin, but in reality, we are not that good at golf. So, be realistic and look at your strengths. Are you good at putting, short game, or what is it? Don’t worry about what other people think during the round. All that really matters is who has the lowest score in the clubhouse at the end of the round. If you just focus on keeping the ball in the fairway and hitting conservative shots you will drop several strokes. Simply decide not to worry about what other people think about your swing. Don’t try to crush the ball but rather think about making good contact with it.


Knowing what your strengths are, pick your best club. If you are good with your pitching wedge, tee off with the club that gives you the best chance of landing on the fairway at your full pitching wedge distance. Whether or not you hit your drive well, you still made a good choice, and those little good decisions add up. If you are inconsistent from the sand or the rough, pick the club that will keep you away from them. Also, make sure you ask the attendant in the pro shop where the hazards are. If you land in the water, you have to take a penalty stroke. If you land out of bounds, the penalty is stroke plus distance. That means you have to go back to the tee box and instead of playing your 1st shot you will be playing your 3rd shot. Ouch! 2 strokes added to your score for that hole! Be careful of hazards and out of bounds. Be smart and think the hole through from the middle of the green to the tee box and follow your plan.


Once you have decided that you are not going to let what other people think about your golf game factor in to your shots and you have made up your mind on where you want the ball to land, all that is left to do is visualize your shot. Swing thoughts are over-rated. The more you think, the more you are likely to miss-hit your shot. If, on the other hand, you think about where your ball is going and actually visualize the ball in the air traveling on that path, you are more likely to get the desired outcome. Remember, you practice on the range, you play on the course. Don’t think too much while you are playing for a score, just have fun!

At the end of the day, you will look at your scorecards and that is what everyone will remember. During the process of golfing, I am sorry to say, your buddies do not focus on your shots. Truly, they focus on their own, and you probably do too. We tend to think that everyone is watching us closely and assessing our game. Really, they are thinking the same thing, which means if you do not do that, you have a mental advantage. Knowing that they are not paying much attention to your shots but rather thinking about their own swing, you can ease the pressure and focus on increasing your chances of getting your ball from point A to point B.

Take these tips to the course and please share with me your successes and experiences.